LDS missionaries are coming, and they need you to engage them with the good news that faith alone in Christ alone saves! This book fills a major void in equipping Christians to that end. Responding to
the Mormon Missionary Message
is the apologetic scouting report you need to converse effectively with Latter-day Saints. Through a variety of capable contributors, you get a play-by-play of the Mormon missionary lessons and get coached in how to respond to each. The young missionaries who visit your door need you to read this!

-Dr. Bryan Hurlbutt
Lead pastor of Lifeline Community in West Jordan, Utah, author of
Tasty Jesus, and contributor to Sharing the Good News with Mormons

For the Christian who wants to better communicate with those Mormons who come to their doors, as well as with their Mormon friends and family members, this resource will prove to be an educational primer in considering the fundamental concepts of Mormonism. This, in turn, will equip readers to respond by sharing the biblical gospel of grace with truth in love (Ephesians 4:15).

Eric Johnson
Cohost of Viewpoint on Mormonism, research associate with Mormon
Research Ministry (MRM.org), and author of several books on
Mormonism, including Sharing the Good News with Mormons,
Introducing Christianity to Mormons, and Mormonism 101

I loved this book! Not only do we get inspiring stories of God’s grace as He draws and redeems the authors out of Mormonism and into life in Christ, but we also get a very straightforward explanation of Christian doctrines that counter the teachings of LDS missionaries. There is a lot of wisdom here for the compassionate Christian who wants to be effective in witnessing to the Mormon missionary, returned missionary, or their LDS neighbor. I rejoiced to see the authors walk us through why confrontational evangelism doesn’t work with those whose version of history is that they are a persecuted people. I would recommend this book for every church pastor or layperson who wants to understand how to reach Mormons with the gospel. I would also recommend this book for those in the process of leaving Mormonism and taking their first steps into historic, orthodox, biblical Christianity. 

-Dr. Paul Robie
Founding pastor of Utah’s largest church, South Mountain
Community Church

As former LDS members and missionaries, the authors respectfully share from their own experiences how the Mormon missionary program is structured, as well as provide insights on various differences between Mormonism and biblical Christianity. I recommend this book to anyone seeking to better understand and talk with their LDS friends.

-Sandra Tanner
President of Utah Lighthouse Ministry and (along with her late husband, Jerald Tanner) author of nearly forty books on Mormonism, including Mormonism—Shadow or Reality? She is a great-great-granddaughter of Brigham Young, the second president of the
Mormon Church

This book portrays the day-to-day cultural experiences, including the struggles, of Mormon missionaries and compares the LDS doctrines they teach with those communicated in the Bible. Written largely by former LDS missionaries who are now biblical Christians, they have been on both sides of the fence. This is an excellent resource for Christians who desire to understand and witness to Mormon missionaries. One of the best features is the description of each missionary discussion in fine detail. Readers should discover insights that enable them to have fruitful discussions with LDS missionaries.

-Dr. Lynn Wilder
Founder of Ex-Mormon Christians United for Jesus, cohost of Unveiling Grace Podcast, former BYU professor, and author or coauthor of several books on Mormonism and the Christian faith, including Unveiling Grace, 7 Reasons We Left Mormonism, and Leaving Mormonism

This is the perfect book for any Christian who wants to understand his Mormon neighbors. In Responding to the Mormon Missionary Message, those who have never been LDS have the opportunity to hear from those who have walked in the missionaries’ shoes. From growing up in the religion to being trained to spread the religion, these authors have the experiential authority needed to describe the perspective of those who are practicing Mormonism. Even better is that now, as true believers in Christ and His gospel of grace, these authors help the reader understand how to respond to Latter-day Saints with truth in love. This unique volume deserves its own place alongside other Christian books on Mormonism that have been written through the years.

Jeremy Howard
Staff pastor at Orchard Hills Bible Church in Payson, UT